Marcy Balogh is an exceptional coach who has expertly guided my school and me to great heights and through intense challenges. Marcy brings breath of experience and depth of knowledge; even in commonplace situations she is able to provide insight, wisdom, and perspective that amaze the most seasoned executive. She is effective in strategic planning, day-to-day engagement, and crisis management. In addition to her coaching talents, she is also the most responsive professional with whom I have ever worked, an attribute not be underestimated in this business.
— Head of School
She understands her clients’ needs and supports their change journey. I have worked with Marcy on governance and school operation issues and found her advice to be strategic. She is empathetic, sensitive but still ensures the end goal is kept in sight.
— Educational Consultant
I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with Marcy in two places and with different teams. She is immensely effective with the professionals she coaches - supportive, smart and fun. In short, Marcy brings high value . Bringing Marcy in to work with your team just may be the best investment you can make in your team’s professional development.
— Executive Director
Marcy Balogh knows how to make things happen. She is all about helping her clients reframe their thinking to be highly effective and goal oriented. By shifting people out of their comfort zone to engage more effectively and efficiently, she help them achieve great success.
— Associate Director
Marcy guided me through an extremely challenging professional challenge and helped me to focus on what I really wanted to accomplish next in my career. She worked with me to leave one position and transition to the next. Marcy is a skilled, thoughtful, sensitive and creative coach who brings out the best in her clients.
— Senior Development Officer
Marcy has helped me, my colleagues, and ultimately my organizatoin become smarter, better and more successful than we ever could have been alone. Her insights, experience and straight-talking guidance are simply invaluable.
It is a gift as a leader to have the wisdom of an executive coach who sometimes challenges me to rethink assumptions or positions, and to think critically and examine deeply and reflectively the issues and the opportunities that I encounter daily. Marcy is that gift, for over ten years!
— Administrator
Marcy is a superlative executive coach for anyone looking to grow their leadership skills. She is also an expert in organization and board structure and has greatly enhanced the leadership and operations of our professional and lay leadership.
— President of Board of Trustees
The consultation and coaching that Marcy has provided our school and me personally over the years has been a vital component in guiding me and our school to make important decisions, leading to more effective actions and results. From the beginning, Marcy became deeply rooted in the specifics of our school, understanding our people, our culture, and how we function. Having Marcy’s guidance, expertise and ability to engage and work with such a variety of constituencies in our school continues to contribute to strengthening our organizational structure (board and professional staff), improving our practices and individual performances, identifying our strategic direction, and our building a sustainable future.
— Head of School